Why should I hire a wedding planner?

For many couples, this is their very first time planning a wedding. They are confused as to where to begin, how much everything should cost, and how to choose vendors that are the best fit for them. Planning a wedding is not only about choosing your colors, flowers, bridal party attire and menu. There are logistical matters to attend to, such as, the timing of events, parking situations, where the cake table is to be placed and knowing which vendors are reputable. We are here to guide you and to take care of all of these concerns. We are able to help save you time, money and, perhaps most importantly, your sanity so you can enjoy your wedding day!

My venue has a coordinator.. Do I still need a wedding planner or day-of-coordinator?
A venue coordinator & a wedding planner or day-of-coordinator do very different things. While it is true that a venue coordinator and a day-of-coordinator will have some over lap there is still an added value to having both a venue coordinator and a wedding planner.

Do I need a Wedding Planner?

More than ever in these current economic times having someone who knows how to get the maximum return on your investment is invaluable Having the help of an experienced professional that is not emotionally involved in planning your wedding can result in a wedding day that meets the expectations of your dreams without breaking your budget.

Can I afford a Wedding Planner?

Wedding coordinators offering al a carte services devote far more time to a wedding than you might think. Too many wedding couples think that wedding planners spend planning time the way they do, that a party can be planned in a weekend or less. But the planner has many layers to his or her job, including many hours spent on writing up proposals and reviewing contracts for the client, so in order to make a healthy living, al a carte package elements often need to be priced in such a way that they can give you all the attention you deserve and desire, and still make a good living without having to take on too many weddings each week, spreading himself or herself too thin, and not delivering the high quality service you want.

Wedding planners are so valuable, in terms of their insider knowledge acquired over years of training and experience (and ongoing education that true professionals undertake,) plus their connections to the best vendors in the area, and their impressive ability to create solutions out of thin air. They help bring a wedding magic to life, and they're the ones who will make sure that all little snafus are handled with grace and subtlety, so that your big day isn't disturbed in the least. They're a trusted professional, friend, mediator, and artistic genius with a knack for doubling, tripling or quadrupling what your wedding budget can do.

The above applies to all Planning/Consultant categories, with the overall truth: if a wedding planner's prices seem high, it's because you haven't yet discovered the worth of what they'll do in your service. This may be among the most important money you spend on your wedding as a whole. Setting a great foundation for your wedding and assembling all the players, organizing plans, reviewing contracts and handling your own family diplomacy - among other tasks - means the wedding planner is many professionals in one. That's why the good ones can and do charge so much. And they're worth every penny.

Wedding Planners help you get the best possible services with your specific budget, regardless of it's size. This translates into savings. A planner's knowledge can also help in negotiating the details of services received for each dollar spent, getting the highest quality you can afford. The planner's fee can be largely recouped in the savings realized by their knowledge.
The bottom line is you have nothing to lose but EVERYTHING to gain by having a wedding planner help with some aspect of your wedding plans. Accolade has of a number of different services that can help you figure out what is important to YOU and how that gets incorporated into your wedding.

ALL - Civil, Military, Eco-Friendly/Green, Destination, Double Weddings.

Do you support or cater to any specific religions?

We cater to all religions.

What wedding planning services do you offer?

Day-of-Coordination, Month-of-Coordination, Full Service Planning, Full Service Event Production, Event Design, Event / Table Styling & Consultation.

Do you charge an initial consultation?

No, our initial consultation is complementary. We like to take this time to get to know you & ensure that we're the best fit for your needs. We want to make sure that you feel comfortable trusting us to tend to the details on your big day!

Do you take any kickbacks or commissions from any vendors?

No, we do not take kickbacks or commissions from any vendors. We only refer well qualified, reputable vendors who fit your needs, style & budget. Not accepting kickbacks ensures that your needs are our first priority.

What Additional Services do you offer?

Anniversaries, Baby Showers, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Proposal Coordination, Engagement Parties, Holiday Parties, and any event that relates to family, friends & love between people.

How much communication will we have? *

There is *no limit (*Depends on your package) on email or phone communication. You can email, call or text as much & as often as you need. It is our policy to respond to all messages with in 24 business hours. Our goal is to ensure you are always in the loop, feeling heard & feeling confident in the proceedings.

Do you charge a flat rate for your services or a percentage based on budget?

We charge a flat rate for our services. It is our belief that you shouldn't have to pay more for our services simply because you have a larger budget. If you decide to work with us and wish to add additional services those additional services are either priced a la carte by service or we have the option of a set hourly rate.

How many weddings or events do you coordinate per day?

We only coordinate one event per consultant per day. Your coordinator will have no other events to distract them from your event.

Will you be at my wedding / Event? *

Absolutely! Your coordinator will be the person you see most on your day *(Depends on your package). We may have an assistant, or several, with us as well but your coordinator will be the go to person overseeing the details from the minute vendors begin to arrive for drop offs until the very last candle is blown out & the votives are put away at the end of the night!

What will you wear to my wedding / Event?

All Agape Event Center's staff will arrive in professional attire with name tags.

Will you eat, drink & dance during the reception? How comfortable will you make yourself?

Since weddings tend to be at least a 12 hour day, vendor meals during the reception are appreciated. However, we are there to do a job, therefore we will absolutely not be drinking any alcohol nor will we join your guests on the dance floor!

What do you do during the reception when you're done coordinating our ceremony, dances, cake cutting, etc?

Once our logistical duties are fulfilled we then act as an extension of staff to the remaining vendors. Often times we are assisting the caterers during the reception before, after or in between dances, cake cutting, the bouquet toss, etc. We help clear plates, we refill water glasses, we offer your guests another glass of wine, but we're also watching the clock to ensure that you are aware of the next event. Maybe it's the garter toss or maybe it's the fact that last call is 5 minutes away so we'd like to offer you another drink or ask if there are any additional songs you'd like played before the last dance is announced. Ultimately, our work is never "done".

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

As little or as much as you need. From the initial budget planning to supervising that the last detail of the reception happens on schedule, a professional bridal consultant personally brings experience and knowledge of the wedding industry into your wedding plans - which can be the difference between an event that comes together and one that does not.

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